A Great Piece on ‘The Power of Ridiculous’

We were so inspired by this recent piece by Dan Pallotta that we just had to share it with you. (You can read the full article here.)

“The architect who designed (the Sydney Opera House) — Jørn Utzon — was an unknown 38 year-old Dane when his entry was announced as the winner in an international competition to build a great opera house for Sydney. His vision for a ‘sculptural, curved building on the Harbour’ broke radically with the linear shapes of modernist architecture. And here’s the thing: in the 1960s, they had no idea how to build it. You know those iconic shells or sails that define it? The challenge of how to build them confounded the engineers working on it for years, even after the foundation had been poured! Imagine pouring a foundation for a building you don’t yet know how to build!”

“Imagine if it had never been built. Imagine if some smart expert or group of experts put a stop to it because of its ridiculous shape, or the imprudence of trying to build something that they didn’t know how to build. Imagine if people of lesser constitutions had been in charge.”

“If you’re not being ridiculous, you’re not exploring your organization’s true potential. Everything in the world that makes us go, “Wow,” was born of some absurd human being with a ridiculous, impossible idea — from the Eiffel Tower to landing on the moon to the idea of America herself.”

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