The Terrell Family

The Terrell family came to the Antelope Valley in 2012 when father and husband Randy took a job with a Lancaster public relations firm, and wife and mother Patricia and son Nathaniel joined him later that year.

Originally from Lakewood and Long Beach, California, it was instilled in the family to be active members of their community through their families and involvement with organizations such as their church, school, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, the YMCA, local government, Leadership Long Beach, and Huntington Beach Leadership Academy—a tradition they have kept up after moving to the Antelope Valley.

In 2015, the Terrell’s enrolled their then 5 year-old son at iLEAD Lancaster for Kindergarten in hopes that he would be more challenged through hands-on project based learning while still having fun and working on social and emotional learning goals. During this year, the family saw what iLEAD was and could be. They could see what the school and its staff were trying to do and how achieving that could help their son, other learners, and the iLEAD community.

With Randy supporting his family financially, Patricia was free to take care of their son and his needs full time. This made it possible for them in Nathaniel’s Kindergarten year to be very active volunteers first in his class and then gradually more in the overall school. While Patricia was the main volunteer seen on campus, Randy often assisted her with various undertakings after hours. Throughout this time Nathaniel would also assist his mother in different ways such as helping to reorganize classrooms, file books, cut papers, clean classrooms, and just being patient so others could be helped.

The Terrell family believes that by creating a “school family” culture, that learners, facilitators, and parents will look out more for each other, and work towards helping all on campus—creating a more Synergetic and Win-Win atmosphere.

Patricia and her family have been on a mission to help transform the iSUPPORT (PTA) program and get more parents involved in an effort to get families and their learners to take care of their school family and iLEAD Lancaster home —creating a ripple effect through the iLEAD community to the Antelope Valley as a whole.

Presently, Randy is the Director of Public Affairs at Passantino Anderson Communications, a public affairs and marketing agency based in Lancaster, and an Assistant Cub Scout den leader. Patricia is a stay at home mother and full time volunteer to various people and organizations. Nathaniel is a 3rd grader at iLEAD Lancaster. He is learning daily how to be an active member in his community and make good change (even if it seems small) through his participation in his school, church, Cub Scouts, Tae Kwon Do, YMCA, and various sports activities.

Patricia Margosian Terrell
Randy Terrell
Nathaniel Terrell