Kimberli Lengning

Kimberli Lengning is a TK/K facilitator and art instructor at iLEAD Lancaster. She spent 15 years in banking before making the decision to
return to college to become…a nurse! She quickly realized that an innate squeamishness about blood and questionable odors meant taking more general education classes before committing to a career in the medical field. It was while volunteering in her children’s elementary school classrooms that she heard the clarion call of education: “It hit me in the heart. I gradually came to realize that I can do this!” she recalls, chuckling at the image of herself as a brand-new teacher, wielding some chalk and repeating, “Okay, okay,” over and over again to a class of energetic and joyful kindergarteners. Twenty-one years later, the chalk is gone but the calling — the vocation of teaching — remains strong and focused.

An avid reader, writer, historian, photographer and hiker, Kim always sought to infuse the joy of learning into the classroom — indoors and out. Since one teacher cannot possibly teach every skill a child will need for a successful life, Kim believes the charge of education in a democratic society is to teach children to think. Problem-solvers and critical thinkers have the cognitive tools to make sense of the world and their place within it — to great success.

Kim lives in Lancaster with her husband of many years, Dan the Fishing Man. Her two sons are married. Danny is a game warden stationed in
Ventura County, married, with an opinionated kindergartener named Mable and a joyful, passionate baby girl named Charlotte. Dustin, an 8th
grade science facilitator at SCVi, is the father of Mason — the child prodigy who builds with LEGO, aspires to be Batman, and keeps his
family entertained with a keen sense of humor, wit and fearlessness. Always an animal lover, Kim has two rescue dogs, Eadie and Rupert, a
pond filled with fish and frogs, and a cricket who lives under the refrigerator.