The Lentini’s

The Lentini Family came to SCVi in 2009 when they were looking for an alternative to traditional school for their boys Dominic and Marco. They immediately found a community of facilitators, staff and parents who were willing to collaborate and use their creative talents to work together to offer an enriching environment for all learners.

Their appreciation for the school and their relationships with the staff have grown over the years. The many opportunities to volunteer have allowed the family to participate in sports, music, fundraising and leadership roles. Having run a small business in Santa Clarita Valley and participating on many non-profit organizations has reinforced the family’s belief that each person can make a difference in the community where they live, work and play.

The Lentini’s value their ability to give back to the places and people that touch their heart. SCVi is one of these special places because it is more than a school, it is a home away from home.