Tina Navarro

Tina grew up in Santa Clarita and was constantly surrounded by teachers, coaches, and mentors who inspired her and impacted her life in many positive ways. When deciding to become a teacher herself, she knew she wanted to not only educate children, but give them the guidance and leadership opportunities they would need to become successful, independent adults.

After walking into SCVi during its founding year as a college student, Tina knew she found a place where the values and philosophies matched her own. Being a facilitator at SCVi has given her many opportunities to draw upon her passions. She has implemented a friendship program, GirlPower, that empower young girls with skills to develop healthy and strong friendships. She has also served as a support provider for first and second year teachers going through their credentialing induction program. She is actively involved in the safety and operations committee, and continues to educate herself on personal and school safety.

Tina is grateful for the experiences she’s had so far at SCVi, and the lifelong friendships she’s made with the people she’s met there, including her soon-to-be husband, Alex.