Cheryl Sena

The first book Cheryl read was Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. From that moment on, reading and writing became her passion. She began crafting picture books from construction paper and sharing her stories with her family and friends. She often taught her friends mini writing lessons in the schoolroom her family had created in the hallway to their home.

In college she studied broadcast journalism becoming a news correspondent on the weekly news program in her senior year.An on campus job led to a graduate assistantship and Cheryl earned her Master’s Degree in English from Hofstra University in 1990. Upon graduation, Cheryl was recruited to work at Cal State LA’s Housing department where she rediscovered her love for working with students. She enrolled in their credential program and began teaching English as a Second Language and Language Arts at Temple Intermediate School in Rosemead, California.

While there, she created projects immersing her second language learners in hands on language acquisition using collaborative learning structures. Cheryl married her college sweetheart, Peter Cario in 1992. She took off eight years to be her daughters’ first teacher. Both are SCVi learners; Gabriella is now a freshman and Anabella is in 6th grade. She is very proud of the leaders and self directed young women they have become and has enjoyed watching them grow while at SCVi.

In December 0f 2008, she joined SCVi in its first year, team facilitating 7th grade with Christine Orth and Tina Navarro. Along the way, she not only rediscovered her love for learning but also for writing. While at SCVi, she has realized the goal of writing a novel and is in the process of getting it published. One of her goals is to help learners foster a life long love of reading by helping them find books that speak to them.

She has facilitated learning in grades 6th -11th and one of her most proud moments as an educator was when SCVi’s first class graduated last year.