Keith Faulkner

I came into teaching a bit differently than most. I didn’t come from a family of educators, nor did I know I wanted to be a teacher from a young age. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in History from California State University San Bernardino in 2003. Setting out to teach college, I spent the next few months looking for a grad school. Needing a job, I decided to substitute teach elementary and middle school.

Once I entered the classroom, I quickly realized this is where I could make the greatest impact. I was hired on as a 4th grade classroom teacher with an emergency permit. I later enrolled in Chapman University’s’ credential program. After completing the program, I was awarded as the credential student of the year in 2007.

In what turned out to be a blessing in disguise, I was laid off from my position in 2009. Seeking another job, I came upon a small Charter School in Santa Clarita. After a 3 hour conversation with Dawn and Amber, I realized that I had found my home. Working for SCVi has been an amazing experience for me. I have had the privilege of working with phenomenal educators, as well as the chance to be on the front lines of educational reform.

My family is my everything. I am lucky to be married to my beautiful wife Courtney and we have two amazing children, Madison, and Kylie. Both my kids attend iLEAD schools.